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This page allows you to set a new password (password) if you cannot remember your old one. You are only allowed to do this if you have previously provided responses to security questions. If you have not provided responses to security questions or cannot remember the responses you provided, you must contact the UWM Help Desk. The UWM Help Desk may require you to come in person with an acceptable government issued ID before a new password can be set.

You will also be asked to review UWM's Acceptable Use Policy and re-accept it. You agreed to the acceptable use policy when your ePantherACCOUNT was first issued to you. After re-accepting the acceptable use policy, you will then be asked to enter a password. Don't forget your new password. The next time you login you will need it.

After setting a new password, be sure to close the Web browser before letting anyone else access the computer.

Enter the following identifying information below.

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The Privacy Act of 1974 requires that individuals providing their Social Security Number (SSN) be informed of the authority which allows the solicitation of the SSN, whether disclosure of the SSN is mandatory or voluntary, and what uses will be made of the SSN. Your SSN is requested in this form as an optional personal identifier for the purpose of establishing or resetting your ePanther Account password. Submission of your SSN is voluntary, and your SSN would be used for look-up purposes only and is not stored following the identity verification process. An alternative to submitting the SSN for identity verification is to submit your UWM Campus ID Number on this form or to visit UWM's Help Desk in person with an acceptable government-issued ID.
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To prevent unauthorized use of your ePantherACCOUNT and protect your privacy, close all of your Web browser windows and Web-enabled applications when you finish.